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5 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. From me, Mr. Haywood Brown, “Zarab Healthcare is a nice company and that their services are excellent and efficient”.

  2. This company is very intense in care giving. They will relate with you and your family like you are part of there family. They have a topnotch supervisor whom you can relate with. Their quality of work is excellent.

  3. Two years ago, l was sick, to the point where l did not want to go on living. l was alone, depressed, almost bed-ridden and could barely make it through the day. Then the Senior Citizen’s coordinator of my Apartment building, Mrs Ramona Douglas, decided to try to get some help for me. That is how Zarab came into my life, in the person of Beatrice Isiofia. She came to see me, asked a few questions, and said she was going to do everything, to see that l received the best assistance. That was a little over a year ago. True to her word, she saw to it that l received help with my toileting, bathing, cooking, shopping and cleaning. Initially, the weekly careers were, in my view, problematic; but they did their best. However, from the get-go, the weekend carer, Mrs Wylene Calhoun, proved to be a God-sent angel. She was exceptionally good to me: cooked, took me shopping long distance, cleaned, and did everything to get me back on my feet. We have been together for thirteen months, and she, like Wylene, has contributed greatly towards my medical and mental recovery. She has proven to be quite an asset, and l don’t know what l would have done without them: Zarab Healthcare and Wylene. What l know is that l have come a long way from when l wanted to die, thanks to Zarab. l still have some way to go before l reach normalcy, but l am very grateful to Zarab.

  4. I recently needed some nursing care and ZARAB Healthcare came to my home and it was a great experience.
    I would recommend this company. Thanks for knowing what to do and working with other professionals.

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